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Referring Patients To The Doctor

Managing the decision not to supply VIAGRA connect

Men need to be treated sensitively when discussing erectile dysfunction (ED), as this may be their first ever interaction with a healthcare professional regarding their symptoms. 



Referring men to their doctor

The decision not to supply VIAGRA connect can be disappointing for men, so it's vital they understand it isn't the end of their ED treatment journey.

If a man is unsuitable for VIAGRA connect, it is important to give him the reason (e.g. it may be a contraindication or he may not have ED). All men with ED should be referred to their GP to explore other suitable options and advised that they should do this within the next 6 months. Men should be encouraged to seek advice from their doctor for two main reasons:

  1. ED may be a symptom of other conditions that need medical attention 
  2. The doctor may be able to prescribe medicines which are more suitable

Tear off a Doctor Referral Slip from the bottom of the Viagra connect Consultation Guide, fill it in with the reason you have decided not to supply the product and hand it over to the patient.

Explain that they can hand the slip to the doctor, who will follow up and advise on the appropriate course of action.

Don't forget to refer men with ED but who are unsuitable for VIAGRA connect to their doctor, so they can continue their ED treatment journey

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