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Managing Repeat Supply

Managing patients who request repeat supply of VIAGRA connect

Although there is no mandatory requirement to use the VIAGRA connect Consultation Guide, it is recommended that you use the supplied questions as a framework to assess suitability. Always use your professional judgement when deciding whether to supply VIAGRA connect.

Once you have assessed that a patient is suitable for VIAGRA connect, you can give them a repeat supply slip, signed and with a date stamp. This tear-off slip can be found at the bottom of the VIAGRA connect Consultation Guide – just tear it off, sign it and remind the patient to keep it somewhere safe.

The patient can present the slip to you when he wants to repurchase VIAGRA connect. If, after checking, there have been no health or medication changes since the last purchase, there is no need to go through the assessment questions again.

If any health or medication factors have changed, repeat the assessment questions.

Don't forget to remind patients that, as soon as possible within 6 months of their first purchase of VIAGRA connect, they should visit their doctor for a health check up.

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